PROGRAMS of De Lorenzo



Enjoy "la dolce vita" and visit our Worldwide Headquarters in Italy!!!


De Lorenzo is always in search of innovation and creativity so we created the "Student Ambassador Program" to motivate future Engineers to be part of the enrichment of their College or University Engineering Laboratories and give in return some of the invaluable knowledge the Institution have gave them.



All Students who participate in this program needs to submit their projects and will be evaluated by De Lorenzo. The winner of the best project will travel to our US Headquarters in Miami to receive the prize and then depart to our Worldwide Headquarters and Factory in Milan, Italy. The winner will also visit Ferrari's State of the Art factory as well a Engineering Universities in Milan and Rome.


De Lorenzo believes in fresh and innovating ideas which most of them are created by individuals with different perspectives and with no prejudgment of the actual situation of the institution. Educational Institutions often have lack of funding which impairs them to make a complete evaluation of their needs. These projects will be developed using De Lorenzo's guidelines for this program. The Student Ambassador Program is the first level of the interaction between De Lorenzo and all future Engineers. Once you register you'll also receive future programs and VIP invitations for our events. Once you apply we'll send you a complete package of information about the program and resources you will need to complete the project.


Meet Our Designers In Italy!!!


De Lorenzo wants to be one step ahead of the industry so we created the "European Delivery Program" where additionally to our traditional onsite delivery, installation and training we'll give the Professor the option to visit our factory in Milan, Italy.



We created a full schedule so that the Professor whom is responsible for the purchase of the new De Lorenzo laboratorymay make onsite inspections of the new equipment as well as to receive pre-training at the factory, at no cost to the Professor nor the Educational Institution. The Professor will have a casual brunch with the Designer of the lab or equipment, which the Educational Institution has recently purchased.


Our Designer will explain all the ideas he came across at the moment of creating the equipment; also they'll do a small brainstorm with the Professor for future products that may interest him at his discretion. The Professor will be a special guest in one of our local Engineering Universities so that the Dean and Department Heads of the Institution can discuss the programs they are developing. While visiting Milan, we'll schedule a private visit to "MuseoD'Arte E Scienza" were they have a permanent exhibition of Leornardo da Vinci, Milan's most emblematic citizen.


Funds Available


De Lorenzo realizes the importance of every dollar that is invested by Educational Institutions in Equipment. Inspired on this, De Lorenzo wants to be part of this effort and give life to the program "20 for 100". De Lorenzo will give up to $20 for each $100 the Institution invests in our equipment.



We also admire all the time, effort and dedication each Professor and Staff invests in requesting grants to acquire funds to be able to give our future Engineers the best educational environment possible. All that invaluable effort can give our students the possibility to better understand the theory that in addition to hands-on practice,will also give them the skills necessary to start their professional life in the industry. Based on this, we strongly believeour program will be a good fit in the process of funding projects.


he Joy of Giving


De Lorenzo believes that it's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving. A percentage of our profits are allocated for donations to third world countries' schools but there are more needs. Be part of this initiative and help us help others through our program "The Joy of Giving".


We invite Corporate Business, Non Profit Organizations, Government Entities and Philanthropists to help us raise fund for projects already identified and developed by our Students Ambassador on Colleges and Universities all over the country.