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DE LORENZO is an Italian Company, which designs, manufactures and distributes training laboratories since 1951. We focus on hands on training to prepare students for Industry. We are also responsible for leading the De Lorenzo Group Commercial companies, which operate in the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Spain and Italy. These companies in coordination with our local distributors and agents act as one team to cover the Globe.


It is said, "De Lorenzo Always Faces the Sun" since our operation "never stops". When the sun rises over our office in the east coast of the USA, our distributor in Malaysia sees how the sun disappears in the west or when our factory in Milano, Italy commences operation, our distributor's office in Hawaii complete the day. With our wide product lines, we fulfill all Engineering disciplines at University level as well as Colleges.


We also have specific product lines for Schools that include the STEM Program (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) for Elementary, Middle and High Schools. In addition, we have customized projects for Vocational Schools, Military Schools, Corporate Training Centers and Government Vocational Training Facilities.


We are proud of our Italian heritage in combination with more than 60 years of experience that has touched 120 countries worldwide which at the same time helped us grow and develop a true multicultural Group of Companies always with one vision, EDUCATION.





De Lorenzo USA is an American company based in Florida that is focus in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean Markets. We had developed specific strategies, objectives, products and programs for the markets we cover. This has given us the opportunity to customize our manuals, electrical power and special requirements for each country.


We have a complete staff of Engineers completely trained in our equipment and also had moved to our US Office, Engineers from other parts of the world to apply their experience in our products. As part of the De Lorenzo Group we have inherit more than 60 years of experience and multidisciplinary professionals all over the world that act like one team to innovate, train and give support to our customers.



Chief Executive Officer
De Lorenzo USA, LLC